New World Odor Design

The new world odor design was inspired by another blogger using that as a tagline for his blog.” The New World Odor” refers to the “New World” political order that is happening around us. There are lots of information about it and lots of people are worried about the globalisation and so on.

About the design

The top logo is that of the trilateral commission, and the design is made like a product advertisement for breath spray. There is actually a second design that looks like this:

This design also contains a breath spray bottle and added text. Quite funny 🙂


The design is made to look rugged in photoshop.

Products used:

Illustrator, Photoshop, Zazzle

I’d love feedback so please rate my designs from 1-5 by adding a comment and enter the rating! Thanx!

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What is this?

This is the place where I will blog about my artistic escapades using zazzle, spreadmaster, customdropshipper and other print on demand services for my own t-shirt designs. People blog about running or swimming or going to the mall so I figured this might be a way for me to show my designs to the world, and at the same time it’s a guide in how to design and create textile designs. I hope you will stay with me.

So here we go!

I’m including my first example of a T-shirt I made on Zazzle: